Lucid News

We’ve been busy the last few months with a video shoot for Lucid Possession, a live mix cinema music performance with robotic screens and media driven by musicians and a VJ using our own interactive interface design and proprietary software. We did some rough editing and went to Republique theater in Copenhagen (a project co-producer) where we workshopped performance elements and our multi channel sound system. The creative team includes R. Luke DuBois, our long time collaborator and software designer, Hai-Ting Chinn, mezzo soprano, Mari Kimura, violinist and composer, Stephan Moore, stage sound design, and technical director Josh Higgason.  Now we’re back in the studio editing, working on sound post with Medianoise and songs with composer Elliott Sharp, who is creating a song cycle for the project. We’re building dynamic dimensional screens for the finale with Karen Young and Ed Bear and getting ready to rehearse this fall with Bob McGrath who will co-direct. Jared Trimble is producer/dramaturg. We have received support from a HERE Arts Center HARP residency 2009-11 and from an EMPAC: 2009 tech residency.  See Thank you also to New York State Council on the Arts, mediaThe Foundation, New Spectrum Foundation, and the Experimental Television Center.

So…what’s it about? Noise. Noise we’re all dealing with. Good noise, bad noise and inevitable noise. But as usual our view is… oblique. Lets start with the main character in the story : Bean (played by Hai-Ting Chinn).

You can tell she’s got some stuff on her plate. She designs smart personalities. Avatars. She’s gone viral and the results are a little overwhelming. Especially mixed with her programming skills which seem to border on the paranormal.

She’s got some help from her friends.  Sort of.  Theo (played by Bora Yoon) is her BFF. She has her own band and some agendas of her own. She’s kind of snarky, but Bean is too distracted to notice.

Here Bean is sharing some research with Theo. Someone from the past keeps popping up. Someone who lived in the same space in a different time. It could be who’s chasing Bean. But is it?

And then there’s Kal (played by Andrew Schneider).  He sees the world through that gear – it looks like a video camera monocle on a bicycle chain (video camera objet by Andrew Schneider). And when Bean is off to find some answers he shows up to nudge her thinking. Here they are at the forge. Costumes by Karen Young with LED technology by Leif Krinkle and Ed Bear.

Please visit again for more about Bean’s adventures and the characters in Lucid Possession both onscreen, onstage and off.

We’ll be looking at things backstage, backstory and round and about as well as bringing you information on work in progress shows and the premiere and tour info.

Hope to see you again soon!