Space and Venue

Lucid Possession is intended for a black box theatre or a proscenium stage with the audience seated directly opposite the performance area. The performance area should contain no visual obstructions to audience and be no smaller than 40’(12m) x 30’(9m) with ceiling clearance of at least 13’(4m). The ceiling above the performance area should be capable of rigging a 9’(2.7m) x 5’(1.75m) 35lbs(15.8kg) projection screen, a 45lbs(20.5kg) electric hoist system for dimensional screens 13′(4m) tall x 3′(1m) diameter, and robotic sculpture with hoist 10’(3m) x 7’(2.1m) 65lbs(29.5kg). A mounting truss or comparable mounting structure is required for mounting three projectors above the audience for projection screens in performance area.

Scenic Elements

Lucid Possession is composed of the following scenic elements. Company will provide the following. Elements which need to be provided by house are listed below.


(1) A robotic sculpture / projection screen 11’(3.35m) tall x 7’(2.1m) diameter 65lbs(29.5kg), which is hung using a dual pulley system from ceiling rigging at least 12’(3.6m) above the performance area. Approximate placement of robotic projection screen is slightly upstage right (refer to layout diagram). Robotic electronics, lighting, networking and control systems sit on stage below robot.
(2) An electric hoist system and projection scrims, 13′(4m) tall x 3′(1m) diameter 45lbs(20.5kg) hung from four point rigging frame at least 13′(4m) above the performance area. Approximate placement of robotic projection screen is center stage. (refer to layout diagram).
(3) 2 small projection screens with 2 small 2500lumen projectors sitting on stage (refer to layout diagram).
(4) Six DMX-controlled lighting instruments (LED ‘cans’).
(5) Toni Dove’s 3 laptop computers and stands with video tracking infrared surveillance camera, usb camera, networking hub, audio mixer with stereo 1/4” audio outputs, and multi-channel VGA adapter to feed various projectors. Approximate placement of Toni Dove’s computer stand is center stage left.
(6) Todd Reynolds’ laptop and violin with four 1/4″ audio outputs. Todd Reynolds laptop and violin requires a small table and music stand. Approximate placement of Todd’s laptop and violin is down stage right.
(7) Hai-Ting Chin – singer will be onstage next to Todd with a microphone and laptop with stand.
(8) One DMX-controlled Roscoe I-Cue robotic mirror and custom mount placed downstage center, which also houses one of the 2500 Lumen projectors.

Lucid Possession also requires the following to be provided by the presenter:



(1) Internet access in the performance space.
(2) Two music stands, for Todd Reynolds and Hai-Ting Chinn.
(3) One microphone stand for Hai-Ting Chinn.
(4) Rigging to attach robotic screen and electric hoist system to ceiling above performance area (company items (1) and (2), above).
(5) A projection screen 13’11”(4.23m) x 8’2”(2.5m) 35lbs(15.8kg) hung from the ceiling via rigging. Rigging is by two attachment points above the performance area so that the bottom of the screen is 2’(.6m) from the floor. Approximate placement of projection screen is slightly upstage left (refer to layout diagram).
(6) Three Video Projectors, one for the projection screen (‘A’), one for the robotic projection screen (‘B’) and a third for the dimensional finale screens (‘C’). All three must be capable of 1080p (1920×1080) resolution. The projectors should be mounted approximately 8’(2.5m) high at a distance of about 20’(6m) from the screens, allowing for the most level throw from projector to screen and minimal keystoning. The projectors need to be mounted as below.
(7) Rigging to attach projector ‘A’ and ‘C’ in horizontal orientation above audience, facing
cinema projection screen, as above. Projector C must be hung at a great enough distance to create an image larger than the stage. Rigging to attach projector ‘B’ in vertical orientation (i.e. portrait mode) above audience, facing robotic projection screen, as above. Additional rigging for mounting the projector vertically must be provided by the Presenter.
(8) VGA cabling to Toni Dove’s performance area sufficient to reach both projectors ‘A’ and ‘B’ and the two small projectors supplied by company. 4 cables total are required, VGA male -> VGA male, at lengths of approximately 100’ (30m).
(9) Running work lights necessary for performers and operators during setup and performance.
(10) Two tech tables and four chairs downstage for audio,video and lighting technicians.
(11) Three stools, one for each performer.


Speaker configuration: Lucid Possession requires an 8-channel sound system with the ability to address each channel discretely from the house mixing console (most simply, employing the house mixing console’s direct outs). The 8 channels are used as follows:
• 2 channels — Stereo mains (Left/Right), Located in the usual place for your front speakers. No center channel is needed at the procenium.
• 2 channels — Stereo rears (Left/Right), located at the back of the hall facing the proscenium, for occasionally quadraphonic mixing with mains.
• 2 channels — Cinema screen speakers (stereo L/R) to be placed on either side of the cinema screen at mid-screen height. Rigging from above is preferable to placing the speakers on stands. .
• 2 channels — Other on-stage speakers (each mono) to be placed in more of a foreground position, one near the Ghost/robot, and another near the small screen placed farthest to stage left.
• In addition, a mono subwoofer channel and one pair of monitor speakers should be available at the proscenium, fed from the aux sends of the mixing console.
Types of speakers: House mains can be whatever is normally used in the theater, so long as it has a standard right/left split (no center channel). The rear speakers should be able to match the color and power of the mains, within reason. The subwoofer channel should be matched to the mains. The four on-stage speakers should be compact full-range speakers capable of visually disappearing into the stage setup, e.g. the Meyer UPM-1P.
Audio configuration: Hai Ting Chin’s microphone cables (XLR) must be run from her performance position to the mix position. Two stereo pairs of balanced audio cables must be run from Todd Reynolds’ stage position (down right) to the mix position. Three stereo monitor feeds (TRS) must also be run from the mix position to each performer’s onstage position. All live audio processing and playback will come from 8-16 TS channels from Artist provided MOTU audio interface(s) located at the mix position with the Artist provided playback computer. Mixing console must have 16 working and available channels with direct outs, 4 mix busses and at least 9 output channels.
NOTE: all inputs and outputs from the MOTU are TRS 1/4″ phone jacks. Any cables, adapters, and/or impedance matching components, i.e. DI boxes, required to interface TRS outputs of the computers to the designer’s audio interface, or the designer’s audio interface to the mixing board must be supplied by Presenter.
Personnel: Two sound technicians are requested for load-in and initial sound check, afterwards one sound technician should be available for troubleshooting and pre-rehearsal/pre-show sound checks. Once levels are set, sound is controlled by the sound designer through his software. Additionally, two rigging/video/lighting technicians are requested for load-in, hang and focus of projectors, screens and lights. All video will be operated by the company but one of the lighting technicians must be able to program the house lighting console.


Lucid Possession uses RGB LED cans for each performer and two for the robotic projection screen – these are all computer cued from stage. As the project develops we will explore using a series of overhead lighting cues from the house, especially during the finale. All lights must have dimming controls and an operator to follow a cue sheet during performances. All lights will be hung, focused, and prior to performance by presenter. Presenter should provided (1) 24 dimmer rack (ETC Sensor or equivalent) capable of 20A per channel. Presenter should provide a computerized lighting console with 1 DMX 512 universe, cue tracking and multi-part cue capability. In addition, the console must have remote monitors or be moveable to a tech table located in the middle of the house for the rehearsal period prior to the first public performance. Presenter will inform the Company Technical Director of the manufacturer and model of the venue’s lighting console with enough time prior to arrival for replacement of the console if it does not meet the Company Technical Director’s approval. ETC ION or Express are preferred.

The light plot consists of approximately 30 conventional lighting instruments, most are ellipsoidals (profiles). Each profile instrument requires a Top Hat. Wherever possible, equipment should be ETC Source 4 ellipsoidals or instruments of a comparably recent age as ETC fixtures (e.g. Strand SL series, Selecon). Non-axial equipment where specified is unacceptable. A final gear list will be submitted to the Presenter prior to the company’s arrival. Any gear that is not in the Venue’s inventory must be rented and provided by the Presenter. Any substitutions must be made with the approval of the Company Technical Director.


Lucid Possession requires clean, separate power for electrics, sound and video. Priority should be given to ensuring that all video is powered using the same phase. Presenter will provide power conditioners if there are electrical issues in the venue.

Power extension cables with multi-output strips must be run to the robotic projection screens, hoists, Toni Dove’s computer stand, Todd Reynolds’ computer stand and both onstage projectors.

In venues outside the Americas, Presenter will provide 3 20 amp regulated step down converters to accommodate 60 amps at 110V, 60 hertz. Converters must be appropriate for electronics and have zero ground bleed.

Due to the fragile nature of video projection and playback equipment, particular care must be taken by venue personal when handling this equipment, including prior warning when powering down or unplugging any electrical power or signal cables. Failure to give such notice or handling equipment in such a manner that results in damage to Company equipment will be the responsibility of the Presenter.


Lucid Possession consists of 2 female and 1 male performers and 2 male technical staff and requires separate dressing rooms for men and women. The rooms should be of adequate size for 3 people, well lit, clean, heated/air conditioned, with running hot/cold water, mirrors and chairs for each performer. The rooms should be available the first day of load-in. The Presenter will also provide a location for secure lock-up of equipment and valuables if necessary.


The Presenter will provide bottled drinking water (both carbonated and still), soft drinks (both regular and diet), juices, fresh milk, coffee, a selection on teas (both herbal and caffeinated), hot water, fruit and a selection of cookies and/or crackers in sufficient quantities to provide for both performers and technical staff (5 people total) for the entire duration of the engagement, replenished daily, available starting the first day of load-in.


All scenic elements, electronics, computers, projection screens and projectors provided by Lucid Possession must be shipped in a full sized van. The cost of the van and a driver’s fee of $0.25/mile must be provided by the Presenter.
Transportation of the performers, technical staff and equipment to the venue will also be required. One full sized van or two sedans is adequate and must be available to the Company during the entire engagement.
For overseas engagements, the Company Technical Director and the Presenter will determine a cost effective shipping method.


Lucid Possession travels with 2 technical staff members and 3 performers.

In venues where English is not the common language the Presenter will provide at least one production assistant to act as translator. This individual must be dedicated to the production team throughout load-in, rehearsals and performances, and should have technical theatre experience.

For load-in and setup, we require personnel with the following skills:
(1) 3 stagehands to unload crates and move them to performance location
(2) 1 flyman for rigging projection screens and projectors
(3) 1 video technician for adjusting projectors
(4) 1 lighting technician for hanging and focusing lights, cabling and programming lights.
(5) 2 sound technicians for running audio cables, setting up sound system, microphones and setting levels
(6) 1 production assistant/translator

The show crew required is as follows:
(1) 1 lighting board operator
(2) 1 production assistant/translator

For load-out, Lucid Possession requires 3 stagehands for disassembly of rigged equipment, creating and moving equipment out of performance area.