A thread runs through all my work – how do we make ourselves up? How do we invent ourselves? I’m interested in the history of automatons, robots, and cyborgs as doppelgangers, or doubles. They show us our deepest anxieties, what frightens us, what we love. Technologies around us affect us in ways we don’t yet understand. What is the boundary between the computer and human touch, where does the body end? Our edges are blurry.

Lurking behind the architecture of the narrative of Lucid Possession is a meditation on the nature of life lived in the networks of social media and online communities that include email, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare: a landscape that is evolving so rapidly that to identify an element of it is to be already outdated. I’m trying to present a poetic sense of the “feel” of this moment in time from the point of view of a deeply engaged fictional participant and her real, and not so real, community. This is an experiment that will stretch from the stage across the landscape of digital social spaces. It’s a way to understand where we are.