LUCID POSSESSION is a live cinema performance mixed and animated in real-time using cutting-edge motion-sensing technologies to perform complex layers of media. Musicians and a video DJ control robotic screens, lights, sound and video that merge to present a contemporary ghost story – a poetic musing on noise management – and on self-perception and fame across virtual and real social spaces. Performers fuse means with concept in a musical thriller that unfolds from the point of view of a programmer, her Avatar, and their real and virtual community of fans.

Bean, a designer of virtual avatars, is plagued by ghosts. Her mind operates like a radio receiver that “picks up people” – an artifact of heightened programming skills. Her Avatar – an online alter ego – goes viral on the Internet and turns her into a minor celebrity. People clog her servers – they want something, but she isn’t sure what. There’s a noise building in her head. What’s causing the interference? Her inner voices battle with the outside noise, a schizoid chorus from the real and virtual worlds.

Toni Dove animates characters onstage using video motion sensing. Hai-Ting Chinn who performs the lead onscreen and onstage, sings and speaks through an Avatar. Violinist and technologist Todd Reynolds composes and performs a live score with violin and sampling that embodies the noise in Bean’s head. Elliott Sharp is the composer for the song cycle. R. Luke DuBois is the software designer. Bob McGrath, from the Ridge Theater, co-directs the staging. Leif Krinkle designs robots and led systems. Karen Young is the costume designer. Ed Bear adds customized hardware controls and manages the live sound system in performance. Matt Tennie is technical director and executes real time movement of robotic screens using an iPad. Quentin Chiapetta of Medianoise is the sound designer for the cinematic components. Supporting cast onscreen: Bora Yoon, Andrew Schneider with Christina Campanella, Luke DuBois, Leif Krinkle.

Executive Producers: Ed Patuto, Director of Issue Project Room, Kim Whitener Producing Director of HERE Arts Center. Producer: Jared Trimble. Assistant Producer: Amy Helfant.